A painter and a teller of stories

“My great-great grandfather’s name was Flying Cloud, and he was a Lakota Warrior. I am a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in the Dakotas, descendants of the unique nomadic “horse-culture” that once roamed freely upon the expansive Great Plains of North America. Many times I have wondered what life was like for my Sioux ancestors. In my paintings I connect with Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery. I spread paint and color so that you might share in my vision. For I have an artist’s vision of Father Sky and Mother Earth, of the Winged Ones, of our Four-Legged Brothers, of the Little Crawling Creatures, and the Two-Legged Human Beings; I have a vision of the Mountains and Forests, all singing the song of life, all dancing in a circle, in a good way.”


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