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Read at Home program

Native readers become powerful leaders!

Launched in 2018, the non-profit organization Read at Home reaches Native children ages two through 6 and promotes early literacy as a family activity.

Read at Home reinforces early literacy development by providing a proven high-quality publication to children at school, Highlights HIGH FIVE magazine, and by offering parent-teacher information sessions.

Magazines are given to children to keep and take home. Articles and stories found in HIGH FIVE include activities that encourage reading and language development skills, and that can be enjoyed together within the family – by young readers, older children, and adults.

Read at Home currently reaches 500 children total on the Navajo Nation, AZ, the Gila River Indian Community, AZ, the Shoshone-Bannock Reservation, ID, and Yu’pik children at St. Mary’s School, AK.

SD Nelson supports Native literacy and invites you to learn more about Read at Home. Donations to the organization are encouraged.